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代表取締役 CEO山口 泰信 Taishin Yamaguchi
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 Profile: I was born in 1968 in Unzen, Nagasaki prefecture.
 My father and grandfather have experienced Nagasaki atomic bomb After graduating from University I worked for Fuji television station in Tokyo, where I also learned about special relaxation breathing techniques and completed a tour of Japan by bicycle.
 In January 1995, by chance I was on hand to help after the great Kobe earthquake. On my second day as a volunteer I was in a local junior high school where 2300 people were taking shelter.
 Three days later on the recommendation of the people taking shelter I began to act as the manager of the entire shelter.
 Using the 3S principles of tidiness, organisation and cleanliness the shelter ran smoothly and that particular school was the first in Kobe to restart its lessons.
 After that I learnt the art of Aikido, resolving conflict without fighting. I also learnt calligraphy and the art of movement and etiquette.
 I worked for a survey research centre managing surveys and providing training for people conducting the surveys.
 I provided support after the Niigata Chuetsu earthquake.
 I then studied and took various qualifications such as BCP and disaster management.
 In 2011 I was providing consulting for a company in Tohoku when the tsunami hit. I provided help in the form of evacuation training and checks.
 At present I provide leadership, disaster prevention advice, consulting and much more for factories, schools, hotels, apartment buildings, offices and various organisations.

 ・リスク診断士 RMCA
 ・防災士 No.032771 NPO法人 日本防災士会 大阪支部会員
 ・DIG(災害図上訓練)指導者研修終了証 NPO法人日本防災士会
 ・HUG(避難所開設・運営)指導者研修終了証 NPO法人日本防災士会
 ・防火管理者 甲第10156798号 大阪市消防長
 ・防災管理者 第40018735号 大阪市消防長
 ・応急手当普及員 救第11541-1号 大阪市消防局長
 ・応急手当普及員 第4662号 名古屋市消防長
 ・応急手当普及員 第0240号 兵庫県小野市消防長
 ・ファイリングデザイナー2級 一般社団法人日本経営協会
 ・発明起業塾 認定講師
 ・著書 スタッフ30名以下の介護事業の「防災BCP(事業継続計画)」



 「共助」 「共存」 「三方善し」 の心で企業を応援してまいります。

 I have seen how people can get back on their feet after total devastation by natural disasters,
 “helping each other”, “coexisting”, “prospering together”, is the spirit in which I would like to support companies through my work.



 We are committed to having a grass roots practical focus to help find solutions for companies, schools and other groups. We would like to offer our support to companies that want to be prepared.